''Healthcare Heroes''

Hello all and a warm welcome to the ''Healthcare Heroes'' thread.

I've noticed that although there have been several threads started, the groups just fizzle out.

I'll be posting any other links I find and welcome those who work in Healthcare, Pharm and related fields to post your:

- Questions

-  Ideas

- Contributions

- Your choice!

Let's get moving this time and make a real ''Healthcare Heroes'' group.


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Nick n/a
Nick n/a

Designing E-Learning Courses for Healthcare/ Pharmaceutical Areas

Would anyone like to share their experiences and contributions in the Healthcare Heroes thread?

A list of links to resources and other threads is available on here.

Anyone is welcome to participate.

This thread is for anyone and everyone involved in eLearning/design and development of learning resources for Healthcare/ Pharmaceutical Areas.

Joseph Francis

Nicholas Ostheimer said:

Thread on Lifesaver - Crisis Simulator App

 It can be found (and tried) here:

I went through the first simulation and THAT is what eLearning and simulations are (SHOULD BE) all about. There is just enough tension to raise YOUR heart rate (ensuring you are actively learning and not passively watching), and there is NOT a flood of information that is either not very relevant at the moment, or worse, wholly inappropriate. Do I need to know everyone and everything's history? No. Do I need to see a formal list of objectives? No. What about a list of references? Nope. Forward and back buttons? Nope.

I will bet that if I put this up against a traditional PowerPoint of the topic (don't want to give too much away if you haven't yet seen it), you will not only remember much more from this exercise, you will be able to perform the steps involved much more accurately.

Nick n/a

Hi Joseph,

Good to know you found the simulation posting useful.

I would be interested to see the traditional PowerPoint version of the topic and then compare both as you mention.

The point was made in the thread by Cary Glenn that:

''Good points: reinforcing the message to help, call an ambulance, and get an AED. I liked how they simulated many of the steps and timed it to simulate the stress of performing in an emergency.''

I haven't asked Cary if he created similar using Storyline but it would be a fantastic thing to see.


Morten Skoglund

Happy new year everyone.

Nicholas, that lifesaver simulation was awesome. E-learning courses should be as close to reality as possible, and that one was very good. I will save that in my inspiration bookmark folder 

In this medical ethics course they wanted to create a long movie for the students to watch. But since movies are very passive I got them to breake up the movies and get more interactive elements into the course.

Lesson 1 is not finished but Lesson 3 and 4 are more or less ok.


Nick n/a

Good to know you found the simulation useful Morten,

I saw on your medical ethics course you have a short film segment with some interactive elements as well.

It was interesting to be told to 'Go wash your mouth!' after telling the researcher she was small minded...

I've been looking at the same concept for a while called an 'interactive adventure'.

Here's an example where you watch the movie and then make a choice for the character (Also a moral choice):


Details about it here:



Nick n/a

I'd like to add another 'interactive adventure' I've worked through by the group Chadd, Matt & Robb:

Called 'The teleporter'


And also the video by them on how to make an interactive adventure:


They have also developed other interactive adventures of varying quality here:


I would recommend 'The Time Machine'.

Have a look Morten and Joseph and see what you think.

Do you have any others to share?