Heavy modules

Feb 01, 2018

Hello friends.

My name is Marco and I am an instructional designer. Previously I developed courses in Adobe Flash, when there was a course that was very large i divided it into modules. A master swf file "m0.swf" that works as an index, this swf contains the dashboard with the buttons to open each module separately "m1.swf" "m2.swf" etc. The master swf file saved the scorm record for each module. Does anyone know how to distribute a course that is too heavy to be loaded by the LMS in Storyline 360? Any alternative will be well received.

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Dave Goodman

Marco - does your LMS have curriculum development features? if so, can you load the main module .story that contains just the links to the individual modules? Each of the modules will be loaded as if they were a separate courses in the LMS. The LMS , via the curriculum development path, would link all of the modules as if they were one course. The last module would link to any assessment that you might need. My logic may be off but this might be one approach depending upon your LMS.

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