Dec 14, 2018

Hi everyone
I've been approaching recently with this world and I've been sent to do two courses as soon as possible
1) training of trainers: a short 15-minute course that transmits the basic principles for training people
2) translate into a course a procedure to manage critical events in a supermarket (for example: robbery, theft, assault, etc.)

I ask the community for help to get ideas on how to make the courses, which scenarios to use, which scenes, which stories to invent, etc.

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Eric Rowland

1) I am sure there is plenty of inexspenive/free content out there on how to train trainers. That is not unique to any org and I bet you could find youtube videos. Don't reinvent the wheel - look for existing content out there. 

2) Do you need an eLearning module on these topics? Or do you need a job aid made? If I were making the eLearning module, I would create scenarios for all important events and give the user "practice" handling the situation. Maybe have a guide that can help them through the scenarios. Its hard for me to really suggest anything because I do not have the full scope for this project. 

Phil Mayor

The second one sounds like it should be an animated video something like vend may be more appropriate.

For the train the trainer it really depends on what they need training in, without the content I think it is difficult to say it will be 15 minutes, ideally you would scope out the content first and then determine what is needed.

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