Help! Graph ideal for e-learning game

I am currently building an e-learning game where the learner has to manage a towns water supply. 

Today I had an idea (which I am not sure if is even possible yet) that I could look to provide them feedback/information in the form of a bar/line graph which shows water production vs water use. 

As this is a game and the numbers change this would have to be dynamically built. My thinking is pass variables to JavaScript that would then pass them to html to generate the graph.

As I said not sure if this is even possible just an idea that I am investigating. 

Does anyone have any experience in doing anything similar that could help point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!


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Tristan Hunt

The information displayed will be dependant on other things they have done in the game so I don't think a slider will work I only want to display a static image but have it dynamically created at the time so it shows the appropriate data.

Web object is what I am thinking but how do I pass the information to the webpage in the first place, as it will need to pickup the data to generate the the graph.

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Phil Mayor

You can use sliders to build dynamic graphs and overlay them with a hotspot ensure they cannot be selected, this is probably the easiest way.

This shows how to send variable values out of the course using javascript