Help! How do you organise your resources?

With more than 10 years of course development and elearning production, I have accumulated a huge amount of images, pictures, templates, icons....And now sometimes I spend time looking after a picture and feel that I miss some of these resources... because my library is too big! and probablay not properly organised...

All these (free or purchased) resources are very useful but I have to find the best way to have these files organised ...

Thanks for any idea/advice!

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Jennifer Valley

I always find it helpful to have layers within layers so I start off with a very general topic like PEOPLE then I break it down into what types of people I want in each i.e. EMPLOYEE, BUSINESS CASUAL, CONSUMER, CHILD then from there I'll break it down further if necessary like MALE or FEMALE.  I make sure that every picture makes the most sense to be in that folder before I move it.  For example if I had a picture of three people in business casual attire sitting around a table talking I wouldn't put it into PEOPLE I'd put it into MEETING>BUSINESS CASUAL>maybe even go one step further to say THREE PEOPLE or ONE MALE TWO FEMALES. It's all about categorizing in a way that you can understand and easily find what you're looking for. I highly suggest that you rename the pictures when possible so using the search feature is a bit easier (think tags on an image website).

Good luck and thanks for the inspiration. I think i'll add this topic to my potential blog articles :)

Julie B.

wow! perfect girls!

thanks so much! the article is great!! and i have copied the structure of folders they detailed!

and now I also break down each of my 15 folders into more details..

I have not been disciplined this last years and have not tagged or properly named all of these....2,000 files....! It s a lot of (extra hours) work but I know it will worth it!

First I quickly reorganize my files, Second I will try to rename properly each file, (folder by folder, step by step ;)

Thank you very much, muchas gracias, Merci! 

Very helpful!