Help! I need inspiration!


I'm trying to build a course on communication. It's part of a blended learning program and is intended to provide the background information for the course, while there will be other activities the learner will participate in to provide skills practice. My initial idea was to use a scenario in which two people are having a conversation and are sharing information about what good communication is and the types of barriers that can get in the way. Unfortunately, without a professional photographer or graphics artist it's proving difficut to find image resources that show the same 2 people in a variety of poses and with a variety of facial expressions.

Does anybody have any ideas for how I can work around that barrier? Any and all suggestions are appreciated. I'm about at the end of my rope...


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Krista Mikkelsen

Craig Wiggins said:

Do your images have to be photos?

Hi Craig, no the images don't have to be photos. I will definitely check out the clip art that Tom suggests in that blog.

The content of the course deals primarily with communicating with people diagnosed with a mental illness. So, the images can't be too cartoony as we need to be respectful of the topic. I've been trying to find a clip art style that works well but was having some kind of creative block and wasn't able to see the possibiities any more. I like some of the ones suggested in the blog.