Help, I need suggestions

Hello Everyone :)
I am in need of some suggestions that do not necessarily relate to e-learning specifically. I have an employee that is having a very hard time focusing on her job. I am being told to pull her and retrain her but I don't feel that is the solution. I have shadowed her and she does everything correctly, I have given her a quiz over her job and she passed it with flying colors, I have also spoken with her candidly and let her know that if she cannot find a way to focus and reduce her errors that she will end up unemployed. Nothing has helped, any suggestions would be amazing.
Thanks :) 

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Helen Reid

Whilst not a specialist in this area, if this were me, I'd now look wider than the understanding of and completion of her core role.  Maybe look at:

- Her health and wellbeing - this may/would need to support of a employee support program or someone specialised e.g. her core motivation to work - is she looking for another job, eyesight, what's happening at home - family stresses and strains, is she burning the candles at both ends with an active social life, is there non-prescribed drug taking or high consumption of alcohol happening.   

Her direct working environment - Lighting, seating, desk set-up, location of desk and distractions (like constant noise, or people constantly walking by catching her eye.).

As I said, I'm not a specialist in this area and don't have any solutions.  All I know is there will be a cause there somewhere.  Just a matter of finding it in order to find the right support and solution.    


Bob S

First... Thanks for investing in your employee. Nice to see.

As for solutions... PIP for sure as Daniel suggests -  but guessing that's why you're involved already as the (re)training portion of that process.

Also in these situations, the critical question I always ask is if the dip in performance is:

  • a) Recent - She was fine before but recently has taken a noticeable turn downward
  • b) Mixed - She was always sort on the edge, but lately even worse
  • c) Long Term - She has always been below par from the very onset but it was never managed properly and/or management has reached a breaking point with it

Getting an honest (ie non-emotional answer) from the supervisor(s) is key. But when you do, it typically illuminates  how you might proceed.

But in any case, a PIP is likely indicated as a way to get her attention and allow you to bring proper resources/actions to bear..... supportive or otherwise.

Good luck!