Help! Multiple Result Slides in One Scene

Hey Folks - 

I haven't had to deal with this issue before, but it has been boggling my mind for the last day. Hope someone can help!

  • I have one scene with two draw from question banks and two corresponding graded result slides.
  • Both are programmed identically, allowing the user to retake the QB if they don't pass.
  • If I answer all of the first QB questions correctly, I can advance through the scene; if I answer questions incorrectly, I have to retake the quiz. If I then answer correctly, I still get the failure layer, despite the reset results triggers being implemented and in the correct order. I then get stuck in a loop where I can never achieve the success layer, despite correct responses.
  • If I answer all of the first QB correctly, get to the second QB and answer incorrectly, I get the failure layer, retake answering correctly, and then everything works as it should - I get the success layer.

I'm assuming this is an issue with having multiple result slides in one scene, though this setup is required. 

Anyone know of any workarounds? I'm SURE I'm overthinking this and there's some stupid simple resolution, but any advice would be appreciated.

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David Price

I'm not sure if this is the same issue and I haven't tried it since SL2 but I once tried to create a course with multiple result slides (in different scenes which branch off from the main course) and found it wasn't easily possible.  Although the problem I had was that you would never take both sets of questions, you would only take one set depending on the branch you followed.

The way I got round it was to have a single results slide which then calculated a result depending on percentages complete, etc (or something along those lines, sorry it was a few years ago).  It wasn't 100% accurate though unfortunately so I ended up not using the inbuilt result slides and built my own with my own variables, etc and did it that way.