Help Needed with displaying text

Jan 26, 2014

Hello Heroes,

I'm currently in the middle of designing a Data Protection compliance module using Storyline. There are two characters in the module who act as Agents taking you through your Data Protection brief until you can become entrusted with the organisation's data!

The trouble is I can't find a style of callouts that suit the module. I've tried with Speech callouts with Comic style text and also a gradient callout with basic text styling. I'm after some suggestions of the best ways to present speech text in modules, with some examples would be great.

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Joshua Roberts

Thanks Bruce, I'm relatively happy with the style of the text boxes that I have, however the real trouble is displaying the text within those boxes.

One of the issues may be that I'm not placing the words well enough inside the speech boxes. The text never seems to 'sit' well inside the speech, whether or not this is down to placement or font I'm unsure.

Are there any recommended text fonts for use in speech bubbles?

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