Help QA'ing - German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Polish

Hi people,

I am in need of some help QA'ing some translation, about 25 slides for a US company - in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Polish. The translation will already be done, but I just need a quick read to check that it is in "business" language/words, not a "technical" translation that is not really appropriate (which sometimes happens).

No idea re details yet, but should be able to make a minimum payment. If you could help me with this, could you please just reply here with name and the language you can help with, and I will get back if this all happens.

1 person fluent in all 6 would be ideal  

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Michael Hinze

Bruce Graham said:

Everyone - many thanks for your offers of help.

I found out that I had won the contract yesterday, so all going ahead, just no times at the moment. I will try and keep everyone up to date using this thread, as and when I know what's happening!

Thanks again - hugely appreciated.

Congratulations on winning the contract!
Michael Hinze

Bruce Graham said:

Hi lovely people...

The translations are being done as we speak, so I hope to have the documents for you towards the end of next week for review. Hopefully everyone still OK to help out on this one.

Thanks again for your help.

Thanks for the update Bruce, I'm still okay with doing the German language portion.
Bruce Graham

Hi everyone......

Yes - it is still ongoing, but legal have got involved and it is just taking longer than had hoped.

Will let everyone know as soon as I know more, but they want to complete the entire English one prior to getting the rest translated, so possibly a week or so away from needing your help.

It is still gratefully received.

Best wishes.

Bruce Graham


To everyone that volunteered help, many thanks, however, the requirement has now gone away.

The project was meant to take place in June, but has been held up for a number of reasons. Because of the shortened timescales, it's all now going to be done by their locally sourced people, in order to try and play "catch-up" following the delay.

Once again many thanks to everyone who offered me some help here, it was very much appreciated.