Help regarding motion path in SL360

Hi folks,

I'm trying to implement a game within SL360 for which I want to use motion path.

Here is what I want to do:

A group of two objects move along a motion path.

User click on a button while the group is moving .

One objects disappear due to the click.

After the Click, the other object moves back to the starting point immediately. The Problem is: For moving back I need to have a random starting point (depends on the moment when the user is clicking the button).

Is there any chance I can do it with motion paths and SL360?



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Tom Kuhlmann

Without fully understanding your game set up:

  1. Add a trigger to hide object when button is clicked
  2. Add trigger to move the object on motion path. Assuming it's not relative starting point, it will go back to it's original starting point.
  3. If it is a relative path, you could create two grouped objects and use various triggers to hide one and activate the other to move. This would look like a single object but