Help with a Presentation for Board of Directors! Want to WOW Them!

I am new to the E-learning community. I work for a medium sized bank in Oklahoma. I am working with Articulate to create required regulatory courses (Great Fun!)

I am in a department that is meshed with Marketing but we truly function as seperate departments.

We are preparing for our annual Board of Directors report and I am looking for ideas and suggestions!

Our organization and the Board is very casual. Most branches and departments typically stand in front of them and give profit figures or customer service praises. But we want to do more. We want to be a bit "flashy".

Last year we used the IPad template that I found on this site and made an interactive presentation. We gave the CEO a wireless mouse and let him control our topics. It worked okay and showed our creativity. But now we have to top that.

Any suggestions would be SO helpful and greatly appreciated!!

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Tim Slade

Although you can do some cool stuff with Articulate, if you're looking for a cool and different way to build a presentation, try playing around with It's free, very easy to use and is a great way to make a creative and different presentation, unlike anything they've every seen before. And, no, I don't work for them.  


Jeanette Brooks

Hey Bethre,

Melissa can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm wondering if It mighta been this one:

Also, just yesterday Geert, another Articulate user here in the forums, gave away a fun iPad-esque template that he made here:

Phil Mayor

I am presenting to our board tomorrow, I am showing them a recent national project we did in Studio and luckily I am part of the Storyline beta and I am showing a Storyline course we recently released, and a really innovative course that is at very early stages.  The two SL projects wowed my Bosses last week, which was followed by a "You do realise you are not going anywhere!" Hopefully it goes as well tomorrow!

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Melissa, you're welcome to share your PowerPoint file here in the discussion thread if you like! When you reply to a thread, you'll see a little paperclip icon right above the text entry area, next to the text-editing options. Click the paperclip and it'll allow you to attach a file to your post.

Regarding Storyline: it's our soon-to-be-released new authoring tool, which is currently in beta. We're pretty darn excited about it! You can read more about it in the Storyline thread. And if you want, you can sign up to be notified when it launches by entering your contact info here.