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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Marti: I'm guessing here, but it sounds as if you want to track two things: acknowledgement of the policy and the quiz. That's kinda tricky, and I think it would be easier in Storyline than in Rise.

Here's one idea. Have the acknowledgement of the policy lead to the quiz. For instance, ask the "Do you agree to comply..." question, and have their "Yes, I do response" on a button that is a gateway to the test. Basically, they have to acknowledge the policy to get access to the quiz. In the end, you are really only tracking the test, BUT the only way they can get there is to acknowledge the policy. So in a very real way, you are tracking their acknowledgement, too. That would probably hold up in court. 

Maybe someone has a better/easier solution. --Daniel

Joanne Chen

Hi Marti,

I second Daniel's solution. However, if you like having that specific question included in the test, you can add a T/F variable "Validation" with a default value False, and adjust the value to Ture when users submit a "Yes" in that specific question. Then you add a condition to your result slide to show pass layer only when variable Validation equal to True, and show failure layer whatever score they get if Validation equal to False.

Marti  Stemm

Daniel, et al:

I took the validation and put it first.  It has try again button with explanation that you must answer it affirmative Before  you can go to the remaining quiz.  After one try again the Incorrect button leads to the final credits screen and tells you that you must take the course again.

It seems to work.