Help with changing states - working in preview, not on LMS

Aug 17, 2017

Hi all

Bit of a funny one - the following works fine in preview mode within Storyline, but doesnt then work when exported.


I have made a quiz (based on old TV show Blockbusters). Trainees have to answer questions on four different categories. In the bottom left I have the scores being counted up as they progress. When they hit a score of 70 (the pass mark for each category), the score changes to a star to let them know they have completed this category.

All four stars = course completion on the final slide.

As you can see in the screenshot, the score counter has two states - Normal for counting up their score, and a star for 'Complete'. 

On the highlighted trigger, you can see that when the score increases, it should change to the complete state when it hits 70 or above.


Any ideas why this works perfectly in preview mode, but just continues to count beyond 70 once uploaded to the LMS? 


thanks in advance!

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