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Heather Young


Although our packages have passed the required ADL SCORM tests, when personnel at MarineNet run their tests to ensure the products will run in their environment, they fail in a few areas.  So far I have 13 modules that are experiencing issues.

I haven't been able to dig too deeply into all the reports (4 reports on each product), but my background doesn't include "coding" and "developing" but traditional Learning & Development, and Project Management.  I just so happen to have been sucked in to using the software as well

Anyway, without knowing all the details nor having the ability to do a full analysis yet, I thought to reach out to see if someone could help me decipher the reports I've received.

Do you have expertise with MarineNet that we can chat offline? 



Justin Wilcox

Hi Heather.

I would suggest starting your troubleshooting using this article. I would really suggest pushing back on your LMS and asking them to explain their reports to you. That should be their responsibility to make sure that you understand what it is they are telling you so that you can take some kind of action. In addition, feel free to submit a case and we can try to help you out.