Help with navigation without messing up current triggers

Good afternoon! I am working on a course in which a few of the slides have lightbox slides. I have triggers set to where the next button is hidden, until the lightbox slides are viewed. However, if learners navigate back to these slides,  I do not want them to have to view the lightbox slides again to continue. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can accomplish this?


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Crystal Horn

Without knowing the specifics of your setup, could you use a true/false variable to control the state of the next button?  Hiding the next button could be conditional upon that variable having a value of false, and whatever action you take to view the lightbox slide can adjust the variable to true, which will remain once it changes.  Trigger order will matter- you'll want the trigger to adjust the variable before the trigger to view the lightbox so it gets a chance to fire.

If you want to share your .story file here by using the Add Attachment option, the community can take a deeper look!