Help with states on Nicole's fabulous template


I used Nicole's gamified board game template for a module and I'm struggling with the states. I feel like I have the states set up correctly for selection, but once the course is published you can hear the sound when you click a game piece or select an answer, but the radio button doesn't change to checked or filled. I'll attach the module here. If anyone has time to look and give advice, thanks!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Paige

not sure why it won't display but I've gone into the states and changed the selected colour of the ticks to other colours and they are now displaying as expected.  

There was a similar instance the other day of text that wouldn't change from black to white in a selected state even though when looking at it in the states tab it was white.  The workaround was to go into the colour palette and select more colours and physically select the white colour and then it worked.

Maybe try that with your states...see this Peek video

Also you don't the triggers to change the state of the the checkbox to selected - SL knows to do that by default when it's clicked. Sometimes those triggers also cause issues.