HELP with triggers and variables please

Here is a Jeopardy game I have created, starting from a template. I wanted to add a final jeopardy round to it. I have created a trigger to jump to the next slide from slide 1.2 if the states of all questions on the board are set to hidden on the condition that the variable for all lightbox slides is set to true. I have tested all of my true/false variables and they seem to function correctly but when all are "hidden" and all variables are set to true the slide does not jump to slide 1.3. Any ideas? 

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Joanne Chen

Hi  Shawn,

It won't jump next slide because when the last piece of question card became hidden the last related variable is still false. And your trigger tells it to jump only when state changes on the condition of all related variables are true.  Logically it won't happen in your current settings. You need to set a trigger to jump next when a variable changes not state changes.