Help with Triggers calling on JavaScript


I was hoping someone could help me with some triggers that utilize JavaScript.

I’ve included a screenshot and the Articulate 360 source file.

Password Activity

We created an activity that tests the strength of a learner’s password.

The learner types a password; then presses the Test Password button.

A section to the right contains a list of parameters. In this section green check marks or red X’s will show depending on whether or not the learner’s password matches each of the 5 parameters.

We use a combo of JavaScript and triggers to verify whether or not the password meets the parameters. This part works perfectly.

Here’s what doesn’t

There’s a series of locks in different colors under the password entry box. When the timeline starts, they are dimmed out. I would like the locks to lighten up to a certain level (yellowish green) depending on how the password meets the parameters referred to above.

I would like for the learner to be able to enter a password that follows the parameters in any order, and have the locks lighten up from red to green.

There’s also three final checks the learner can make regarding their passwords. As they select each checkbox another lock brightens until the  final three green locks are lit. Again, I would like for the locks to lighten up in order, no matter the order they select the check boxes.

I’ve tried using a series of triggers, but I can’t seem to get things to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



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