Helpful program to read RGB values for color?

Through this generous community, I found a free program to measure colors so I could match colors in any graphic or text and use this to maintain consistency in my color scheme. All you did was point the program at a color and the RGB color values appeared. Alas, with my family sharing my computer, this program seems to have disappeared and I cannot remember where to find it. My search on the forums did not yield it as well. I would love to find it again as it is simple but so incredibly useful. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks to all that contribute to these forums. You've helped me so much and it is one of the reasons I stay with Articulate.

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Tracy Parish

Here's a great tool I've been playing with lately for playing with colour schemes and for getting RGB from HEX.

another favourite is: great for HEX to RGB and visa versa.   (simpler format) For colour scheme inspiration.

Daniel Lynn

Color Cop is a really quick RGB value fetcher. It runs on top so you can grab values from anywhere on screen. It's perfectly accurate. It sounds like the one you are looking for Robin. And Adobe has a color scheme generator called Kuler that's pretty cool...  Both are FREE, Safe and Reliable.

Above is the links to the tools. Kuler also has an introduction page here.

It's cool to see the other tools people are using.