Here is a neat way to create a flashing next button in Storyline

Aug 30, 2013

Every once in a while people in this forum ask how to make the Next button in Storyline flash like the ones in Presenter.

I have figured out a neat way (if I do say so myself) of doing this in Storyline using Markers. I got the idea from James Kingsley who came up with a trick for turning the marker pulse off and on.

 Here is a Screener on how to create the buttons.

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Nancy Woinoski

To be honest, I can’t remember what I did. If I had to guess I probably did something like the following:

  1. inserted a marker on the slide and set it to audio only with no animation.
  2. inserted a second marker on the slide and set it to audio only but this time keeping the pulse on.
  3. selected the marker with the pulse and then pressed ctrl + x to cut it. 
  4. selected the first marker and then added a custom state to the marker.
  5. then pasted the marker with the pulse into the custom state.
  6. then added a trigger to change the state of the marker to the custom state when the timeline ends.

That is probably what I did but I am not sure if this still works because it was 5 years ago and Storyline has changed a lot since then.

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