Hey Community Moderators!!.. how to report a SPAMMER in my InBox ?

ugh. I feel so ucky.  how do i report this??

This was sent by "Susan Agali" ... http://community.articulate.com/members/susanagali/default.aspx


Dearest One

can i trust you

Please pardon me for any destorbance this message may look to you .
I would like to explain to you in details as I can .
Please , I would like you to look into the message With the interest and trust i am having on you as i am  looking for an honest person to help me transfer out my money Because of the political problem here in my country  cote d voire .
My name is Miss Susan Agali, My late parent are mr and mrs James Agali. My father was a cocao marchant and he has many business relations and associate base on the import and export of the cocoa. It was one of their meeting with his associates that he was poisoned by unknow person , According to what i where told , But the doctor discovered that he was poisoned ,I lost my mother when i where very young and my father never remarry .
Before my father died in He told me about the trunk box he doposited in a
security company here in Togo that contain the sum of $6.500..000 USD. This box was deposited as containing family valuables , That the security company does not know the exact content of the box .
According to my father , some of is friend knew about how his business was moving well and this is why he was poisoned .
He advice me to move the box out of this place to a more secure country , And that is the main reason I contacted you to help me out in transferring this box from this place to your country .
I would like to know if ;
1, Can I trust you that you will not in any way betray me ?
Because i want you to conatct the security company and help me transfer the box to your country .
2, Help me in investing this money well into a good business. Because now I am 22 years old .
3, Once the box as been transfer to your country , You will help me to open some account on my name and also register me into good
schools to continue my education and live with you .
i'm ready to give you 10% of the total money after your help .
i would like to know your willingness about my message and now i am in Togo where the money is it is because of the war and all so my late father relations are finding a way to kill me so that they will take everything from me i am now in a refuge cam here in Togo .
May God be with you ,
Miss Susan Agali

Pls contact me with my peivate emil i.d above for more details

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