Hi Everybody

I had a question re object wipe animations not working in many browsers when published to HTML from SL 360. I built a course this spring with SL 360 that had lots of wipe animations of dozens of lines all of which work fine/100% in all browsers. However, I am completing a course now that uses less complex wipe animations (also for lines) that I just published and am finding they're not working in HTML at all/in any browser I tried (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). They are working when published to Flash, or HTML/Flash which I just sent a link of to my client to review, but their LMS will be HTML. I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar issues and/or if there was possibly an SL 360 update in the last few weeks that may be causing this? I can't figure out why they work in a 360-built course I finished in May, but are not working in a 360-built course now. (I'm sure I'll probably hit my forehead with my palm if I ever find out...)

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