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Hi Folks!

I am building out my third course in Storyline and ran into something today that I have yet to experience. I have a slide with 4 layers. The main slide has four buttons with triggers going to each layer respectively. One each layer I have an "x" icon to hide the layer, but when it shows the main layer again all the buttons are gone. 

Any ideas what is going on? 


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Melissa Kalbus

OK, now that I tested this out, I really do want to base layer to be hidden when a layer is shown, but how do I get the items to "unhide" if you navigate back to the base layer? I would also like the audio to pause on the base layer if you click on a layer and resume when you return to the layer. If I click "Hide Base" layer I loose that functionality. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Not sure I entirely get what you mean about "getting the items to unhide..." If I understood correctly, and you want the checked off buttons to reappear after "Return to Work, here's what I did:

Clicked the "return to work layer"

Clicked the Object Trigger "multiply 1" and changed the action to "jump  to slide" and the slide is Procedure for Requesting Leave" when the user clicks Multiply 1." That returns the Learner to the base layer where s/he can see all the checked off buttons.

Regarding the audio, you CAN pause it when a layer is displayed by clicking that layer's properties (the little gear icon on the right of the layer tab). But it does restart in between layers, that is, as each button is clicked, which in your design has you return to the base layer, and I don't know how to prevent that. Perhaps it needs to simply be designed differently.

Hope someone jumps in! Need to get back on a project now.

Peter Zaidel

I'm  a littel confused.  Did you figure out how to get around this?  Looking at the story, it seems you're just blocking out the base layer objects using an image.  Is that what you're suggesting as a fix?  I think we've narrowed the bug down to this:  If the object on the base layer has states other than "Normal" and they're different than "Normal"  the objects don't reappear when you get back to the base layer if you've hidden them on other layers.  So an image with no states will reappear just fine, but if you have something like a button that has states, they don't come back if you hide them on other layers.   Did anyone figure out a workaround?