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Oct 25, 2019

Hi all

Is there a magical way to reset layers. 

I'm using a number of layers in a specific interaction in a course and I'm finding I need to hide each layer individually when I'm on a different layer.

This is getting tediou.

Also there are a couple of layer that despite being hidden still show through. Any advice?




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Ned Whiteley

Hi t d,

If you access the Slide Layer Properties for a particular layer, you have the option to hide other layers when that one is displayed. You can also hide objects on the base layer as well.

If you want some layers showing, but not others, then your only option is to turn them on and off individually.

I am not sure why you need to reset layers. If you have a button, for example, that causes a layer to be shown when it is clicked and you then subsequently hide that layer, next time you click the button, the layer will be shown again. There is no need to reset anything.

If you hide a layer, it should not be visible and so I am not sure why you are seeing hidden layers. If you are able to post a copy of your file here, I am happy to have a look and see if I can help you out.

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