Hiring - Instructional Designers

Northeastern’s Online Experiential Learning (OEL) team is hiring instructional designers.  

This job involves supporting the design and development of effective online and hybrid-learning experiences with a focus on mirroring the rich learning environment provided by a Northeastern, experiential education.

The successful candidate will work directly with faculty or subject matter experts and theOEL team to design and develop online undergraduate and/or graduate courses that exemplify evidence-based learning, i.e. application of cognitive science and experiential learning principles. (S)he will manage the instructional design process in order to ensure timely completion of course design projects, while maintaining a high quality end product.

Working with team and possibly external vendors the OELD will create new learning assets or strategies that support scalable best practices in online learning, i.e., templates, models, publisher content, OER etc.

(S)he should maintain a personal learning network that contributes to ongoing professional development related to instructional design and distance learning and demonstrate comfort and confidence in helping to design courses that reflect the distinct mission and core values of Northeastern University

The successful candidate will be a clear Communicator able to articulate and champion with confidence the goals, purpose and accomplishments of team to campus leadership, stakeholders and external community.
• Master’s degree in instructional design, distance learning, adult education, educational technology or a body of work that demonstrates those competencies.
• Demonstrated experience designing and/or teaching online courses.
• Strong communication and collaboration skills, including the ability to collaborate across networks and work effectively in virtual teams. Ability to converse with faculty about educational, pedagogic and technology issues.
• Demonstrated problem-solving skills; ability to proactively manage course design and development issues as well as project schedule. 
• Ability to be flexible and creative when faced with novel design and development situations or scenarios 
• Ability to manage multiple deadlines, organize and prioritize work. 
• Demonstrate ability to apply instructional design principles, learning theory, and educational technologies in the design and development of online learning experiences. Knowledge of pedagogical and instructional design methodologies including cognitive science, intrinsic motivation and experiential education.
• Experience with one or more learning management systems as well as common software used in the design and development of distance learning courses. Ability to troubleshoot basic educational technology issues.
• Experience working with production groups to build learning assets or curriculum, experience working with a variety of media and web developers. 
• Ability to effectively manage projects that involve diverse individuals who may be local or at a distance.
• Technical skills appropriate to online position (e.g. learning management systems, eLearning authoring tools such as Storyline, Camtasia, Articulate, etc., basic awareness of video production).
• Maintenance of knowledge in the area of instructional design, curriculum development, teaching and learning.  Flex options available.  

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