Historical Hangman Course Download

Oct 28, 2016

Hello everyone! A while back, I made a historical, kind of western-themed hangman game, and I wanted to share it with you all. I used the course download here to get an idea of how to assemble the triggers, and I went from there.

Here is a demo of the course

And here is the download link

I hope that some of you will find this useful! Let me know if you have questions about how I put it together.

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Julia Pinholster

I'm glad you like the interactive design! That's mostly why I posted it. When I went to make the hangman game, there were only a few available downloads that I could find to look at, so when stuff went wrong, it was hard to troubleshoot. I hope you can use what I've posted to make something that works for you!

Sarah Müller
Stacey Cash

I love your design!  I can see using this when I teach my daughter (we currently homeschool).  It's more fun than a standard quiz!

The fun factor can be really helpful. I remember having a teacher in High School that had us study for an exam by all creating a board game and then going through the class and playing each one. It was a fantastic way to study and didn't feel like studying. I think we all did incredibly well on that exam. 

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