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David Goodman

If your game criteria are regulation, policy and behaviours, then use them as office scene scenarios. Try using the same visual of the office scene with people three times - each possessing a slightly different color value but the same image. These three images become your game navigation and menu. Let the learner "hover over" the first image and look for clues, incidents, problems, successes, narratives (these can all be hot spots or markers in SL) that are applied by the three criteria. The learner will need to respond to each "discovery" with a correct response to the situation. If you are into points and leader boards, then the points achieved would be appropriate. Once the first image is completed - move onto image two with a new set of issues, incidents, problems, etc and do the same or similar response activity. Then move onto image three. The big gaming issue is to put all three criteria into one final, combined challenge that includes portions of all three criteria in which the learner needs to respond with correct actions,  behaviours, and policy, as well as, the correct personal/social/communications/health response. hope this provides one approach.