Dec 15, 2020


1. In the attached file, I have disabled the NEXT button.
2. This is to ensure that user clicks two hotspots that I have added.
3. However, what trigger should I add so that user can move to NEXT page after going through both hotspots.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Sanchit,

Hotspots don't have states, so there's no Visited state to track whether or not a hotspot has been clicked. Instead, you have to use variables. 

  • Create a T/F variable for each hotspot, with the initial value of False. 
  • Add a trigger to each hotspot that adjusts the value of the corresponding variable to True. 
  • Add triggers that enable the NEXT button with conditions that check whether both variables are True.

You can see this in action in the attached file. 

Check out Articulate's User Guide if you're not familiar with variables and conditions. They provide the real power in the program. 

Kalena Hornkohl

I typically use variables in these situations, e.g., Hotspot1 and Hotstpot2. They are default FALSE. When the user clicks the first hotspot, Hotspot1 changes to True. Same for the second hotspot. For the next button, I set two triggers: Change state of Next button to Normal when user clicks Hotspot 1 (the button) if Hotspot2 (the variable) = TRUE, and Change state of Next button to Normal when user clicks Hotspot 2 if Hotspot1 = TRUE. I also adjust the variable disabling Next so that it is Change state of Next button to Disabled IF Hotspot 1 and Hotspot 2 are False. Goodness I hope I typed all that out in a way that makes sense! It's early for me :)