Hover states and grouped objects

Hi folks! Hoping someone can help with a question that I have. I have multiple text boxes grouped together on a slide out menu. Each text box has a hover state applied to it so that when the menu item is hovered over it looks like so:

Hover on menu item

However when I group the text boxes together and then hover over an item, the hover states for all the text boxes are activated at once:

What I don

My question is... Is this expected behaviour? Is there a way for me to group the objects and have the individual hover states behave individually?

I can go ahead and not group the boxes if I have to, but this slide out menu is on a motion path and if I can't group items I have to apply motion paths to each object which is a bit of a pain.

Thanks in advance!


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Shaun Martin

Thanks Tristan - yeah I figured that might be the case. 

I considered using animations, but motion paths work better in this case as the red tab of the menu needs to be on screen from the get go and when they click it the menu slides out. If I use an entry animation the whole object (menu) will start off-screen, won't it?

All good anyway - not a deal breaker, just means a little more work if I can't group the objects. 

Thanks again for your help.