How can I build this?

I have a power point slide that has movement based on triggers.  I want to see if I can recreate it in either Presenter or Storyline.  I know I might not be able to recreate the exact parts, but at least the overall "feel".

The slide is supposed to allow the learner to "show" their process of how they got to work for that morning.  I have uploaded the slide for anyone to look at and make suggestions or comments.



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Wilson Santiago

That's a really nice interaction you have there.  You could use Storyline's drag and drop function to make the images "droppable" in the bottom right corner quite easily, but the trick will be having them disappear behind the door opening and closing as in your example.  Not sure if that is possible.  As an alternative, you could have the images stack in a say a wastebasket of file cabinet drawer image instead of  the sliding door effect as in PowerPoint.  I'm curious to see if anyone has a solution for you.

Karyn Aberts

Thanks Wilson - it was pretty easy to do in power point.

I have been playing with the drag & drop in storyline.  I was trying to see if I could use a a trigger to a layer that showed the door open, but I haven't been successful in that yet.  I have to think there is some way to get the "movement" part in there even if the door only opens once for the first item and only closes at the end - or maybe it doesn't have to close....

hopefully more suggestions will come

eLearning Development


I played with this briefly.  I made the wake up graphic do what you want I believe.

I changed your door grouping to an image so I could apply another state to it.  I added a state called open to the door graphic.  I made the state change to open when the wake up graphic hovered over it.  The wake up graphic state changes to hidden when dropped on the target and the door state changes to normal when graphic dropped on it.

It is a challenge in that I am not sure what your end goal is with this.  is it to score, track etc?  This will make it happen as far as the door opening and closing but that is all it will do currently. 


Karyn Aberts

Tim - this is great!  I hadn't thought about making the doors an image and then changing their states.

This isn't a "quiz" type question, just an activity.  Typically this course has been taugh as an ILT and we are trying to do a condensed overview as an online course for managers.  The course is on LEAN Process Improvement and the first activity the ILT clas does is write a list of the process they took to get to work that morning.  I was looking for a way to somewhat recreate the activity so the managers might feel a bit more invloved in the course and not like they are just reading a bunch of data.  So this would be one of the first slides within the course if the SME approves - they might think it's too cheesy

Susan Steinman

Love your interaction.

I added a few thought bubbles to a couple of the images- the "waking up" and "exercise" ones. It might be nice to connect a feeling with the morning routine, and you could add a few or all. I adjusted the door a little, but didn't remember to put Tim's triggers on it so it looks like it opens. 

Good luck with your project! 

Karyn Aberts


love the thought bubbles!  I hadn't thought about adding that little bit, it does seem to make it a bit more connected to the learner.  This is my first time playing with Storyline and I love all the options it gives.  Hopefully once I get this course completed I can share parts with the comunity.

Judith Blackbourn

Hi Karyn,

I've enjoyed watching the evolution of your interaction!

Three things:

1. The message explaining what to do stays up a long time.

2. It's not clear if the 15 seconds before the window changes includes the time the message displays. BTW, your text begins " In a 15 seconds"

3. Your text is quite wordy. If you slim it down, the message doesn't have to stay up so long.

How about saying this . . .

Show what steps you took to get to work today by dragging the graphic tiles to the door.

You have 30 seconds before the window changes.

Click SUBMIT when finished.