How can I renumber individual slides?

Apr 04, 2016

Hi there. I am designing a course with for the University of Toronto which will be used by about 9,000 individuals. The course has about 37 slides which are not in numerical order (i.e. the slide the follows 1.5 is 1.10 for some reason). This is a problem because of the fact that when previewing they are all out of order in the menu tab, which can get confusing. Is there a way I can renumber the individual slides so that in the menu they are in order? The course only has one scene, which in hindsight was not the best idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Tristan Hunt

You can quickly cut and paste your slides into multiple scenes which helps keeps things organised.

From the player menu you can rearrange the order the slides show in the menu here is some instructions: -

Also something I often do is use variables for current slide number and total slides. I sent the current slide number variable on each slide so that it shows the learner their progress (ie: 4/20)



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