How can we get free flow text data into a report that can be viewed later by learner or organisation

I want to collate online the learners response to open questions.  Any ideas?

Doesnt seem to be a way to get them to write their own text then collate e.g. a full summary of learning later.


I have seen a financial planner doing this in an elearning course by having learner put their financial details in over the course - then at the end the learner has their own financial strategy plan.

I am building in rise 360, putting storyline 360 in sometimes then importing into LMS - Learndash. But no data in the articulate course seems to be coming through with the tincanny reporting plugin besides completion stages etc...

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Matthew Bibby

If you are using Rise, the LMS won't pick up stuff from Storyline blocks.

There are ways to create these kinds of reports in both Rise or Storyline.

For example, see here and here. Another option is to create a dynamic PDF from Storyline using a JavaScript library such as jsPDF or PDFmake.

Arrab Indal

Rise does not track Storyline block data inside it. We use GrassBlade xAPI Companion with LearnDash LMS to add n extract reports of Storyline 360 XAPI content. It gives us all the answer data in grass blade LRS, including open answer's input text by learners.

With some custom code in storyline 360, you can pull data from LRS and show it in your content. If you contact the devs, I'm sure they will help you.

Arrab Indal

If you want to track each and every activity of your learner then grassblade xapi companion plugin with grassblade lrs is your best bet. because, even you can track normal pages viewed/visited by a user, also you can track every activities of users on video content and it provides nice report is grassblade lrs.

I think this demo site have learndash, grassblade xapi plugin and grassblade lrs, you can try it here: 

all login details are there so you can try it yourself.