How did they do it??


Can we built e-simulation using adobe captivate only? There is some action that is running when I click the icons below. for eample; giving breathing for the patient , start compression ... etc. or do you think they used other program to built short videos and then built the scenario through adobe captivate? Hope to find answer with you guys and is there any one who are welcoming to build similer course and we can negotiate the price?

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Michael Hinze

Based on the screenshot alone (two videos and a bunch of buttons), I'd say this could be built with either Storyline or Captivate. The real question is: what actions are triggered by clicking any of the buttons?

By the way, in Captivate you can insert videos in two different ways; either as Event Video or Synchronized Video. Here is some info about each option. As of Captivate 2019, you now have a third option, called Interactive Video which allows you to overlay slide content in synch with the video. Here is some info.