How do I achieve 'if, then' type interaction from learners?


I want to be able to create interactive branching of the sort that 'if then' type branching would provide.  I'd also like to be able to allow users to select several options on a slide and then be routed based on the totality of those options.  Does Articulate support VBA (if so that seems to be one way of achieving this) or do I need to use something else like javascript?

I'd be really grateful for any ideas - I'm not a programmer but I have done some fairly basic programming with VB back in the day.



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Brian Houle

Hi, Bruce:

I would have a look at Quizmaker for that project.   It may not do everything you want, but it should get you close.  There are some cool examples of non-Quizzy Quizmaker projects around here somewhere...

You have more options for branching in QM than in out-of-the-box Presenter.  You'd have to use Flash for that kind of thing in Presenter.

bruce viney

Hi Brian

thanks, but I'm not sure that really would do the trick.  I want to create a tutorial (ie not just a quiz) with branching based on the response to several questions, preferrably entered on the same page.  Its rather like clicking on check boxes when applying for insurance online!  So for example, I might want to know of a learner : are you in Europe? are you travelling alone? do you have a visa? do you need to know about currency?  and I would rather get the answer to this on the first page and take branching from there to informative pages rather than questions.  I may also want to use these kind of questioning to further narrow the options later in the tutorial.

Does Articulate support VBA if I add active x controls to PowerPoint?

Phil Mayor

This is a relatively easy thing to do in flash, you could have your questions and embed it into Studio, this could send you to a specific slide based on the response to the tick boxes.  You need to do it using actionscript 2 (as 3 is not supported).  You could probably get a flash developer to knock this up in a couple of hours