How do I group modules into a set? Figured it out! See notes added below

The hot elearning topic these days seems to be "micro learning": very short related modules. This is what my client wants: 4 short modules grouped under one umbrella. They want students to be able to select each module (and be required to complete all 4).

How do I set that up? Is it just a matter of inserting some sort of trigger to jump to each module-start?

Next question: Each module has different SMEs/owners and there is no single owner. Arg. I know how to handle this as a consultant:) Design-wise I am creating each module separately. How do I merge them together if needed? Copy and paste?

For anyone who will find this helpful, this is how you do it:

1. Create each module separately. This way you can work on and show the draft to each separate group of SMEs/owners.

2. Start a new project. Add one scene for the umbrella/cover, and one scene for each module. I have four modules so I needed five scenes.

3. Add a slide to the umbrella/cover scene. In that slide, add text or images or whatever to describe the set and each module. Add a trigger that jumps from this slide to the module. Repeat so there are triggers from this slide to all of the modules.

4. Go to the next scene (e.g., scene 2). This Scene will become a module. Import from Storyline: import that module. It will add all of the slides with one extra, which you'll deal with later.

Repeat Step 4 til you have all the modules imported into their own scene.

5. Want students to leave one module and go right onto the next? Add the appropriate triggers. Want them to have the option to go back to the starting umbrella slide that shows all of the modules? Add a button or something showing "return to table of contents" or something; then add a trigger that jumps students back there.

Easy peazy.

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