How do i import an elearing data or course

Does any one know how i can import my elearning data that comes inform of SCORM, or flash data or HTML5 data.

When I click on the launch, it states to play the elearning slides and even the questions and answers after each module. How can i get this inside articulate 360

I have attached the elearning data i am i want to market in LMS using articulate 360


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Charles Ayoka

Attached is the elearning course data that i have and want to make it run in a LMS to enable others log in and attend the course online as an elearning course. When i click on the launch course and click on start, the course start's to play the elearning mode in modules till a candidates watch it all. Inside the scrolling course are question and answers to attend to after each module.


What i need is a guide on how to upload this elearning course data in any LMS to enable others have access to it.

Trina Rimmer

Hi Charles and thank you for the additional details and screenshots. When an e-learning developer needs to track their Storyline courses on their LMS, they'll adjust the tracking and reporting settings in Storyline before they publish the course. If you have the source file for the course (it will a .story) you can access those settings and adjust them to your needs. This article on how to report status to your LMS may be of help to you.

In terms of uploading your e-learning course to your LMS, those instructions will vary based on the features and design of your LMS. The types of data you can obtain from your LMS may also vary from vendor to vendor, so I'd suggest reaching out to them for more help if the instructions you have aren't clear.

I hope I've helped you out. If I'm still not following what you need, feel free to reply here and we'll give it another shot!