How do I output a Storyline file that plays off of computer vs. LMS?

Hello Talented Developers!

I feel this is a basic question yet not finding a great answer when searching this site.  I have completed my client's modules in Storyline and uploaded to their LMS site.  Everything is working great yet now they would also like to have these modules work separately on their pcs, without the LMS site.  How would you suggest I output these modules to give them these stand-alone files? Is there a separate site you suggest I use to create these?

Thank you so much for your help - you guys are amazing!


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Melissa Wagner

Thank you Laurel!  I can throw this option out to the clients yet I was getting the intention from the client that they wanted something they could put on their computers to just show - not needing to worry about scoring.  If you know of this option as well, I would really appreciate your advise!

Thanks again for your quick help!


Michael Frederick

If they have the ability to connect to the Internet and can stream media, the easiest way could be to post your content to a streaming media service (CDN - Or Computer Distributed Network)providers offer a good option for this). There are many great CDN Service providers. I've been told Amazon is a great low-cost entry service that works well. Just upload your published content, then send them the link to the launcher file. It will stream to their computer and play, just like in an LMS. But, no LMS tracking. You do have some diagnotics with CDN services, like number of times played, etc. But, not who and when.

Michael Frederick

Publishing to web produces an HTML package. You could zip and email that package to all who need it and have them save it to their computer. The caveat is, all users MUST unzip the package first, on their computer, before they can play it. And, you have to tell them which file in that package to click on to launch the course. But, it works. When they launch it from their computer, it will play in their preferred browser from their computer. 

Caution: if you use this way, some features may be disabled because it is not playing from an LMS. So, users may be prevented from accessing embedded resource materials and such. So, only use this method if you try it first and everything works, playing it from your computer, after publishing.