how do I to get feedback?

Hi. I am a freelancer, a one-man company, creating courses for international students, High School to Grad School. I want to be able to show my work in progress to individuals (not clients) as I go along; none have Articulate. The Tempshare app would have been perfect. Are there options other than asking people to sign in (I host my lessons on Thinkific)?   

Thank you.  

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Kristin Hatcher

If you are using Articulate 360, it comes with a review site that allows people without a login to review your course and leave comments on each page. Reviewers would just enter their email address once, and then they can leave comments. You can also add a password if you like. 

I have not had to try something other than Articulate 360, so I can't say what other options may be better. Maybe dropbox?

Sarah Hodge

Hi Greg! Kristin is spot on! Review 360 is an easy way to share your course. When you publish content to Articulate Review, the content will be stored in your personal Articulate Review account.

By clicking the 'Share' tab, you can copy and send the sharable link to anyone you want. With that link, they'll be able to view the content and comments in Articulate Review.