How do you answer the question is it just a PowerPoint?

Feb 20, 2019

I am doing a presentation on my overall blended elearning program for the company.  I am making this to people who are new to elearning. I did a mini one version today and the question comes in regards the modules, “is it just a PowerPoint?”

How do you all answer this question? Without opening the module, to show them all the triggers? Today, I ended up running through a module to show the interactively and point structure. 

Thoughts on  how to describe  elearning to someone has never saw it and to not go too far in depth?

Thanks for advice


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Tamarah,

In its simplest form, e-learning is the delivery of training through electronic means. It is not PowerPoint, nor does it replace PowerPoint as it can, and often does, include PowerPoint as part of its structure; hence why Storyline has the ability to import PowerPoint presentations.

Although it is now vastly more powerful than when it was first launched in 1987 and is widely used across the globe today, PowerPoint is effectively now a subset of what we term e-learning. This, in itself, consists of many different modes of delivery across a wide range of different platforms and provides an infinitely more flexible training environment than was previously possible.

I could ramble on at this point about blended learning etc etc, but that would rather defeat the object of your original request for a simple answer. For my ten cents worth, I would stick with the definition in bold above; however, I am quite sure you will get plenty of good answers from other members over the next few days so you should have a range of options to choose from.

Hope this helps to kick things off.

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