How Do You Create Hand-Drawn Images for Your E-Learning?

To create some hand-drawn images for this week's e-learning challenge I messed around until I figured out how to make some little sketches I could save down and use, seen below. I guessed my way into it by trying out an iPad app and creating some PNGs, then wrote up a little detail about it here.

But I now realize I could have just asked the community how they do it! I'm sure there must be people here who do this all the time and who would have some great recommendations or ideas about how to best accomplish this - whether for software, hardware, tools, the process of creating finished images, or just general advice.

How do you create your own hand-drawn images for e-learning?

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Holly MacDonald

Bruce Graham said:

Holly MacDonald said:

Here's a good primer on figuring out WHAT to draw from Dave Gray: 

Hope that helps


Holly - that link went bang I'm afraid...

Hmmmm, it works in my browser, but broken when I click the link in the forum. I wonder if you could find it through this:

The actual video part can be seen here: (but there's extra context on the blog post).

Fingers crossed!

Eva Han

Bruce Graham said:

Nick Russell said:


@ Bruce - I think your Storylion animations are fantastic!

Thanks - however...I have my wonderful illustrator Laura to thanks for those.

All I do is have some absinthe to aid creativity , call her up and describe visual weirdness and a story - which she interprets beautifully.

@ Bruce, I love those storylion and "lightfoxes", I enjoy watching all the episodes, is there more coming?  good to have a matched illustrator!!