How do you host your e-learning portfolio online?

Nov 28, 2011

Hello all,

I'm looking for suggestions on how to quickly setup an online portfolio of e-learning projects. I use and from what I've read, it's a fairly cumbersome process to host an articulate presentation from a wordpress website. I don't really want to get into the guts of the site at this point

What are some quick and dirty solutions that you use? I'm thinking the easiest thing would be to simply host the presentation(s) on a free file sharing service like Dropbox and just link to it from my website.

Would this work? Anyone have any better solutions?



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David Anderson

Dropbox is definitely a favorite these days!

I'm a fan of WordPress. Admittedly, it does take some time to feel comfortable with it. There are some really great portfolio themes available. If you're interested, I'm happy to help you navigate setting up your WordPress site. I don't know php, but I can help you install and setup a theme along with widgets.

Examples of portfolio themes? Smashing Magazine published an article on some of the more popular themes. WPZOOM does some good work, too. I've used their Gallery theme.

If you're using  a regular WordPress installation, you can embed your courses into WordPress. Brian Batt developed a WordPress plugin that makes embedding super easy.

You can even customize your portfolio start screen using a technique shared in this thread.

Paul Hardy

Thanks for the replies, everyone! Sounds like Dropbox will work well for now.

I would definitely prefer embedding the presentations directly in my Wordpress site though.

David, I'm pretty good at setting up WP sites and installing themes, etc. I have the same problem as you though, little to no knowledge of php, etc.

I will check out the plugin though!


Jeanette Brooks

Hi John - are you courses in your Dropbox/Public folder? And the link you're providing to your students...are you getting it by right-clicking the file and choosing Dropbox>Copy Public Link? If so, I believe that should still work (I have several course samples in my own Dropbox/Public folder which are working fine). I wonder if there is a problem on the learners' end... sometimes there are issues with firewalls that block access to Dropbox & sites like it. If you continue to have trouble, you might reach out to the Dropbox folks to see if it's something else.

Neil Brown

I know this is a belated comment, but I thought it was worth it as the eLearning landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Cloud hosting options are now numerous and Moodle (which is free) is an awesome and comprehensive way of managing all your e-learning requirements, including handling presentations and providing file sharing.

My choice is Hosted Moodle which handles all the tech details for you - there is literally nothing you need to know about hosting, servers, bandwidth, linux, MySQL ... anything! They provide Moodle out-of-the-box working. They even update Moodle for you completely automatically.

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