How do you "sell" Storyline internally?

Hi guys,

Now that I'm in the other side and that I have to see things as the picture below, what are the best arguments that you'd use to sell SL internally?

I'm trying to do so. For the time being I only got a license for Camtasia (which I really dislike) and the prospect for one for Articulate Studio '09 -which is not so bad, but, like a kid in Christmas, "I want" SL back in my life...

What facts have I already defended?

  • The need itself to provide e-learning training -there're still many in-class initiatives.
  • SL allows not only to capturate screencasts but to create step-by-steps slides.
  • SL allows to translate texts easily (as I work in a multinational company with contents to be translated to many languages).

Frustrating picture here (which at the same time gives me the feeling that there's a lot to be done):

What other ideas have you used to sell SL and which of them worked well?

Thanks for sharing!

Belen Casado

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Belen Casado

Hello guys, just a little update on this... I didn't get it.

It seems that the team had already tried Captivate, and this will be the one chosen. I'll need to learn how to use this tool.

Well, I tried.

And what is more important: I'll still belong to this community and share with you the expertise we all find here.

Nick n/a

Hi Belen,

Sorry to hear that and thank you sharing the update.

Time changes all things.

Was there any specific reason they didn't choose Articulate Storyline over Captivate?

And thank you for being willing to share your expertise and experience in the community.

That's what makes this a great community to learn and contribute to!


Belen Casado

Lots of work now so I couldn't update this thread with exciting news.

Know what?

I could finally convince my bossess to buy Storyline, so I hope that in the coming months I can really produce e-learning courses with my favourite tool!!!

This is mostly thank to you all (especially @Bruce and @Natalia, who really helped me learn about business cases).

So congratulations to all of you, this success is also yours!


Belen Casado