How do you share and document structured on the job training/skills assessments?

We're enhancing the OTJ component of our onboarding program by incorporating a digital skills assessment that is mobile friendly. Right now everything is in Excel. I'm hoping to do something where the trainer can pull up a list of specific/measurable tasks and check off proficiency, resulting in a score for the trainee at the end that can be tracked in our LMS. Does anyone have ideas? I've been playing around with variables in a Storyline/RISE format but the view/text is too small and not a great option. Has anyone had success here? Would you be willing to share an example? Have you used any other apps that could accomplish the same objective? Articulate Quizmaker?

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Jeff Orman

You might try or the documentation tool and modify them. These are open-source assets that if you join the community you can get help to change the code to do the calculations you need. For example multiple selection question has code for + or - points  Then you give them back for everyone to use.

Jeff Orman

You wrote "mobile friendly...where the trainer can pull up a list of specific/measurable tasks and check off proficiency, resulting in a score for the trainee in LMS". If you are looking for a trainer to do the skill assessment and enter it into the LMS, then the LMS admin can simply set up a course called digital skills, assign the instructor to it, who can create topics and levels and input the records directly (provided the LMS allows this on a mobile device).   

I like the self-assessment example mostly because it enforces self-ownership of learning.  What I would recommend is that you write them like learning objectives (with standards) to ascertain competency level (beginner, intermediate, etc). ie. "In Microsoft Word I can format and adjust cell padding in tables, can set tabs to align bullets or paragraphs anyway I desire, and can correct accessibility issues identified.".

Miranda Miller

Great suggestions, thank you Jeff. I agree to write them as learning objectives with standards to better identify their competency level. I am going back and forth between the self assessment vs. trainer assessment. This would be part of a formal training program where we likely want both - learner self-assessment vs. trainer competency assessment. Some objectives could have safety consequences if not done properly so it's important to ensure the learner not only feels competent but also demonstrates that proficiency before performing the activity on their own.