How do you share samples of your work online?

Mar 25, 2015

I have a drop box account and know how to publish to web with Storyline 2 but I can't figure out how to share the files as a sample of my work or even to share in the weekly challenge forum. I use the HTLM link and that doesn't seem to work to share. What am I doing wrong?

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James Morris

I've used a few different approaches, depending on who my client is.

 On my website screenshots, or complete courses with a lightbox pop-up, or even as an Iframe. I now am moving towards placing all course in a sample LMS. Basically an LMS for my portfolio so I can see which samples people look at the most.

 For projects that change frequently, or during development, I use a version control system, and publish in Github. This allows me to have frequent cloud backups.


I've also used dropbox. Basically you need it in your public folder in order for the link to work.

Linda Lorenzetti

John, sometimes it takes a while for the files to copy to Dropbox.  You may be trying the link before the files are copied.  Also check that the file folders have files in there, sometimes I have to manually add them to the folders.  The icon on the toolbar seems to work better than the Dropbox website.

John Bellotti

Owen - That doesn't seem to work. I've tried that process about a dozen times and get a message that basically says the file can't be found. I have it in my public file and opened access, etc. You don't have a paid account of some sort of Google Drive do you? I found out on drop box that sharing is only for paid accounts.

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