How do you treat lesson evals in Articulate?

Hi, everyone: Looking for how other people treat lesson/course evals within Articulate, and I guess I mean within Quizmaker, specifically. I have four "free response" questions that I'd like to ask.

I guess I could just open up an "essay" question and ask the four questions there, but it'd be nice to have the responses more organized for the client who will have to read the responses.

Thanks so much. --Daniel  

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Nadine Calac

We tested systematically at the end of the training course the understanding of the learner by a grade quiz questions test and add 2 survey questions at the end to get their feelings one likert scale question and one essay writed as below. I hope it can help you.

  1. We would like to know your opinion on this training (this is a survey question which helps to improve our training material for users) Please take the time to complete this question

This presentation is pleasant to run

The content is relevant

The loading time is correct

This is a good way to train people

The training duration is satisfactory

1 Stronglee Disagree - 2 Disagree - 3 Neutral - 4 Agree - 5 Strongly agree

  1. Please use this lines to express your opinion about this computer based training or any others comments, suggestions to improve our trainings.
Michael McHale

I use survey monkey as a link in the success/fail slide for a quiz. Clients like the survey monkey admin reporting interface. I also use PDF forms which are distributed as an attachment with modules, and responses are compiled into an Excel spread sheet for analysis.

Questions asked are determined by of clients and sometimes by the funding requirements of a project (usually in the education & not-for-profit world). In addition to Nadine's questions some examples are:

Please rate the following areas of Module 4 on a scale of 1 (POOR) to 5 (Excellent).

My knowledge of the subject matter BEFORE beginning this module was

My knowledge of the subject matter AFTER completing this module 

Organization of topics and subject matter

Dept of material presented

Pacing of the content

Length of the module

Overall satisfaction with this module

Plus a free form text field for comments

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