How is the best way to run WMV files in an LMS?

We are wanting to load WMV files onto our LMS as a catalog of past in-person conference sessions that have been video recorded. We were hoping we wouldn't have to load each video in Storyline and SCORM it. Is there another way to load WMV files as "materials" within a course that will play when the user clicks on it?

This may be a very basic question. I'm kinda new to this. Any help (with or without sarcasm :) is welcome.

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Ludovic M

As Nicole said, it depends of the LMS, but WMV is not the most appropriate video format for web browser. If it is possible for you, I would recommend using MP4. You can convert videos with a software like HandBrake.

Another possibility is to upload the videos on a video service like Vimeo and share the video in your LMS. To secure the access to the videos, you will need Vimeo Plus plan, so you can enable only to access the videos.