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This might be a 'how long is a piece of string' type question, but I am quite curious to know how long other users of storyline take to build a course/module. I am usually presented with a 'script' that contains all the text that would appear on the screen, there are usually some suggested image guides but all images/graphics then have to be sourced. 

If a finished module is approx 20-25 minutes long, how many hours do you think it should take to build?



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Trina Rimmer

Hi Anna. This is a great question and one that comes up a lot in the community. In fact, this question popped up in yesterday's AMA session (Tom's answer was great).

Depending on the subject matter, I've spent anywhere from 4 - 6 hours sourcing & then editing images, alone. If your course is one big, relatively complex interaction, I could see you spending anywhere from 10 or 20 hours for a first release or prototype and then maybe another 8-10 hours refining that into a final product. That's just a very, very rough estimate and assumes a degree of complexity that your work may not have. If what you're doing is more linear/less complex, it might go a lot faster.

To get a more accurate sense of how long it takes you, I'd recommend using something like Toggl to track your hours over the course of a few projects so you can get a sense of what it takes for you to develop an easy, moderate, and a complex project.

Hope this helps!

Anna Kalsi

Hi Trina

Thanks for your reply. This is helpful information - I've just signed up to Toggl and will be using that on the next few projects I work on to try and get a better idea of timing. I know that at the moment I'm trying to guess based on a whole load of variables but I want to be more realistic re this especially when trying to manage expectations of SMEs, PMs etc.

Thanks again