How long it takes to answer a quiz question


We are working on a quiz in Storyline where we need to be able to log how long it takes for the participant to make a decision.

The participant will be shown a video and will need to make a decision based on the footage shown.  Ideally the quiz will log whether or not they made the correct choice and how long it took them to answer each question.

So far I have been able to produce a report within our LMS that gives the total time taken for the module but not for each interaction or question.

Does anyone know if this is possible?  



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Christine Hounsham

Hi James

Are you trying to do this for just one question or lots?

You could do this but it would require you to build a custom set-up.  As such it may become onus of trying to do for lots of questions.  Here's how I would do though:

- play the video

- at the conclusion of video go to quiz question slide where they have to answer / make the decision (this would be quiz 1)

On this quiz 1 slide add a custom-built timer which you use to show on screen how many seconds are passing.  (NB: there are various examples of timers in the community). 

Add a number variable to this slide and adjust this to reflect the timer clock.

- on submission of quiz 1, jump to next slide which is a numeric quiz question.  Add a trigger to submit numeric value to be = to number variable from the earlier slide, at the start of this quiz 2 timeline. 

On the numeric slide, I would suggest adding an acceptable range (i.e. 0-120 (i.e. 2mins)).  This might give you more control on your results slide as to whether on not the learner 'passed' if want to make on condition of correct answer in 1 and a reasonable response time. 

- add a results slide.  Which captures quiz 1 & 2 and set reporting to this.  

Hope this makes sense.  Regards Christine