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Alexandros Anoyatis

If you don't yet know what it looks like, why should you be expected to know how to price it? :)

The most you can do in these cases is to give a ballpark figure with a great(er) than average range.

That or ask them upfront what their budget is, and plan your proposal accordingly.

Just my 2c,

Melanie Jones

Good call Alex - thanks for your 2c!

They aren't sure that they will go ahead and wanted an indication of what it will cost them. They need to work it in with their wider L&D budget, hence the question here as to what others might indicate. Have you got a figure in mind for number of hours it would take you?

I know it's all guesswork.



Holly MacDonald

You have to document both ranges and assumptions. There are lots of factors to consider in addition to the interactivity - visuals, audio, quizzing, state of the content, review cycles, etc.

Might want to start with assumptions of how many slides that might equal (20-40) and how many hours per slide (2-4). Estimated time 40 - 160 hours?